What are Social Security Survivors Benefits?

Monthly payments that are sent to eligible family members of a wage earner who has died.

There are endless factors affecting who is entitled and when the entitled person should apply to maximize the monthly benefit.

Truth Tip: Complex rules can cause Social Security workers to unintentionally withhold information from widow(er)s and family that could otherwise get them a higher monthly benefit.


“My conservative estimate is that Social Security staff provide wrong or misleading or incomplete answers 50 or more percent of the time.”

-Laurence Kotlikoff, Social Security Expert and Regular Forbes Contributor 


How Do We Help?

Estatehood helps pinpoint your eligibility for widow(er) benefits and ensures you maximize your benefits if eligible.

There is no simple way for people to make sure they get what they deserve from Social Security.

Avoid being one of many widow(er)s who lose out on thousands of dollars each year.

Truth Tip: Social Security itself found in a study that 42 out of 50 of dually entitled widow(er)s were eligible for a higher monthly benefit than what they signed up for.

Higher Benefits for Dually Entitled Widow(er)s Had They Delayed in Applying for Retirement Benefits." Office of Inspector General, Social Security Administration.


Want to learn what you’re entitled to?


We do not tell you the amount you will receive, but equip you with the right information to confidently apply for survivors benefits.


How Does My Social Security Navigator Work?

The Form:

Complete a form including simple questions about yourself and your passed loved one. Based on your answers, results show:

  • Survivor benefits eligibility
  • When to apply to maximize your benefit
  • Questions to ask Social Security to ensure you get what you deserve

Have peace of mind knowing you have knowledge you may not have received from Social Security.

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