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Understand How To Get What You Deserve From Social Security

Use Estatehood’s industry-leading technology to pinpoint your eligibility for Social Security benefits. Understand your options so you can apply with confidence.

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Step 1: Receive a link to the Navigator form.

Step 2: Complete the form, which includes simple questions about yourself and your passed loved one.

Step 3: Receive your results from Estatehood immediately, including:

  • Survivor benefits eligibility

  • When to apply to maximize your benefit

  • Questions to ask Social Security to ensure you get what you deserve

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Case Studies

Everyone’s circumstances and options are different.

Navigator tells you what those options are.


Tammy, 58

When Tammy's husband died, she wasn't sure if she qualified for benefits.

Using Navigator, she was able to find out when she would qualify and what to consider when deciding whether to claim benefits once eligible.


Mark, 62

Mark discovered that to get the most money over his lifetime, he should claim his survivors benefits early and his own retirement benefits later.


Sandra, 62

Sandra learned that under her specific circumstances, she would get more money over her lifetime if she took Social Security benefits based on her work record early, and then switch to her survivors benefits later.




 “Thank you so much to Estatehood for helping me with the important tasks I had to complete after the loss of my husband. The team helped me with some things that I wouldn’t have known to do otherwise - like contact the credit bureaus as soon as possible to avoid identity theft. 

They set up my Social Security application appointment and had an expert sit on the phone with me during the application to make sure all the right questions were asked. It was an easy process and I am confident I am now receiving the benefits my family deserves. 

Their help was invaluable and ended up saving me hours of time and the headache of doing all of these things myself. Thank you to the Estatehood team.”

— Kerri, Massachusetts


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