Use My Social Security Navigator to Discover Your Widow(er) Benefits Eligibility

Use Estatehood’s industry-leading technology to pinpoint your eligibility for Widow(er)'s Survivors Benefits.

Note that My Social Security Navigator only covers Widow(er)'s Survivors benefits.



Talk to an Expert About All Your Survivors Benefits Options

Talk to a Social Security expert about all the categories of Survivors Benefits you and your children may be entitled to.

Get a consult with an expert to discover your benefits.



Get Help Dealing Directly with Social Security

Everything in the Silver Package plus your Social Security Expert will equip you with everything you'll need before you call Social Security.

You can also have your expert make the appointment for you and be on the call when you apply to make sure you ask all the right questions and get all the right benefits.




Case Studies

Everyone’s circumstances and options are different.

We tell you what those options are.


Tammy, 58

When Tammy's husband died, she wasn't sure if she qualified for benefits.

Using Navigator, she was able to find out when she would qualify and what to consider when deciding whether to claim benefits once eligible.

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Sandra, 62

Sandra spoke to an Estatehood expert and found out exactly what she needed to do before applying for benefits.

Sandra learned that under her specific circumstances, she would get more money over her lifetime if she took Social Security benefits based on her work record early, and then switch to her survivors benefits later.

Silver Service


Mark, 62

Through his conversation with his Estatehood expert, Mark discovered that to get the most money over his lifetime, he should claim his survivors benefits early and his own retirement benefits later.

To make sure he did everything right, his expert called Social Security with him to ensure that he maximized his benefit over his lifetime.

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